Studii si comunic─âri nr. 23, 2010



1. Tudor Andrei A. - Qualitative and quantitative determination of algal floras Galben Lake, Bacau County

2. Pavel O. C. - Preliminary reserach concerning the diversity of macromycetes in Pralea brook basin (Bacau county)

3. Jigau O. - Biomass study of two edible macromycetes species

4. Ardei M. I. - Floristic diversityn of Cormophytae in Berzunti Mountains, Bacau County

5. Maftei D. I. - Mihai C. T., Maftei D. E. - Comparative study of the glucose amount in conventional and in vitro cultures of Stachys sieboldii

6. Poiras N., Postolaki O., Baltsat C., Poiras L., Burtseva S. - Influience of metabolites of some streptomycetes on the germination of tomato seeds and nematodes of greenhouse

7. Stahi N., Derjanschi V. - Faunistic data on Orthoptera insects from the scientific reservation Lower Prut from the Republic of Moldova

8. Cristescu M. - Population dynamics of the nocturnal lepidoptera fauna of an urban ecosystem - the Botanical Garden Galati

9. Zaharia G. L. - The Elaterids collection catalogue from the patrimony of Ion Borcea Natural Sciences Museum Complex Bacau

10. Gurau G. - Contributions to the knowledge of the diversity of Cerambicids from Slanic Moldova, Bacau county (II)

11. Mihailov I., Derjanschi V. - The ecological aspects of roove-beetles from the Republic of Moldova

12. Arinton M., Tomozii B. - Faunistical and ecological aspects concerning the Carabids from Vanatori Neamt Nature Park

13. Tomozii B. - The checklist of Andrenidae family of Romania

14. Davideanu G., Davideanu A., Popescu I. E. - Data concerning some fish communities from south part of Romania

15. Ghiurca D., Rosu S. - Data regarding the phenotipical variation of some populations of Lacertya agilis L. from Romania

16. Morozov A., Ciocirlan V. - Distribution of Nannospalax leucodon in north parts of R. Moldova and their population dynamics

17. Paraschiv D. - Aspects related to interspecific relations of rodents in a maize crop

18. Paraschiv D. - Contributions to the Knowledge of small mammals fauna in Memeius dendrological park, Bacau county

19. Mustata Gh. Mustata M. - Building up the individual environment between umwelt and innenwelt

20, Dascalita D. - The monitoring of water resources in the Siret hydrographical basin

21. Zaharia L. G., Tudor Andrei A., Tofan F. C. - Environmental education through itinerant exhibition - Pollution, where it goes

22. Pavel V. - In memoriam - Victor Nadolski (1911-1996)