Studii si comunic─âri nr. 24, 2011



1. Goga I. D. - Contribution to the flora of Bozovici Depression, Caras Severin county

2. Ardei I. M. - Contribution to the knowledge of the main lawn types in the Berzunti mountains area, Bacau county

3. Maftei D. I., Mihai C., Maftei D. E., Ghiorghita G. - The assessment of some enzyme activity in Rhodiola rosea L

4. Pavel O. C., Jigau O. - The temporary exhibition Curiosities in the world of plants

5. Vacareanu I. R., Surugiu V. - The structure of Idotea balthica population from Agigea area

6. Chimisliu C. - Data regarding the alien-invasive species of insects preserved in the heritage of the Iltenia Museum Craiova (II)

7. Stahi N., Derjanschi V. - Faunistic data on Orthoptera inscets from the scientific reservation Lower Prut from the Republic of Moldova

8. Mihailov I., Derjanschi V. 0 The fauna of Stafilinids from Zabriceni oak forest

9. Mustata Gh., Mustata M. - The complex of parasitoid swhich act in Aphis craccivora (Koch) colonies on some plant from the reserve of dune from Agigea

10. Tomozii B., Toma V. C. - New records of Megachilid bees from Romania

11. Tomozii B. - Contribution to the knowledge of genus Panurgus Pz. 1806 in Romania

12. Girnet M. - The Scelionids (Hymenoptera, Scelionidae) from the forests ecosystems of the Republic of Moldova

13. Nistreanu V., Postolachi V. - Trophic spetrum of long eared owl in nesting period

14. Nistreanu V. - Spreading, biotopic distribution and dynamics of Crocidura shrew species in the Republic of Moldova

15. Paraschiv D. - Aspects concerning the diversity of rodents from an alfalfa crop (II)

16. Ghiurca D. S., Tofan F. C. - Reflections through time - Museum of Natural Sciences from Bacau

17. Jigau O., Paraschiv D., Burghelea C., Tudor Galescu G. - Fruits and seeds from the spontaneous and cultivated flora - temporary exhibition

18. Zaharia L. G., Tudor Andrei A.,Tofan F. C. - Implications of modern education and interdisciplinary activities of museum

19. Barabas N. - Thoughts about those whi were, are and will be Prof. univ, dr. Traian Stefureac