Studii si comunicari nr. 26, 2016-2017



01.Sirbu T. - Long term storage of micromycetes strains

02.Titei V., Teleuta Al. - Some agrobiological peculiarities of the species Malva crispa and Malva meluca in Moldova

03.Radulescu A. M. - The physical factors influence of gastropods and bivalve species from Furtuna lake (D.D.B.R.)

04.Radulescu A. M. - The Unio pictorum (l., 1758) importances in the bioeconomy of the Furtuna lake (D.D.B.R)

05.Sava M. - Composition and diversity of Ephemeroptera (larval communities) in seven sections (lotic environments) from Teleajen river

06.Varvara M., Moglan I. - Numerical and percentage aspects of the taxonomic structure of the arthrofauna from the corn ears in Moldavia 1994-1996 (Romania)

07.Tomozii B. - A new record of Lasioglossum (Evylaeus) anellum (Vachal 1905) - a rare sweat bee species in the Romanian fauna (Hymenoptera Halictidae)

08.Tomozii B., Deju R., Catanoiu S. - Preliminary data on distribution of Jersey Tiger moth Euplagia quadripunctaria (Poda, 1761) in the Vanatori Neamt

09.Musleh M. - Practical application of the synthetic sex pheromone of the Pear Leaf Blister Moth (Cemiostoma scitella Zell) in apple orchards

10.Sitnic V. - Using R programming language for prediction of Vipera ursinii spatial niche in the Republic of Moldova

11.Caterinciuc N., Burlacu V., Nistreanu V., Larion A., Gheorghita S. - Structure of small mammal faunistic complex in Leptospirosis foci and epidemiological aspects of disease

12.Birsa M., Burtseva S., Chiselitsa O. - Yield of biomass and antimicrobial activity of Streptomyces canosus and its variants after preservation

13.Burtseva S., Birsa M., Bereziuc Y., Vasilciuc A., Chiselitsa O. - Dynamics research of Streptomyces in the national collection of non-pathogenic microorganisms of IBM ASM

14.David A. M., Nicuta D. - Study regarding the germination of seeds and the growth of little plants treated with pyrene

15.Gliga O., Tarita A., Cebotari V., Buzu I. - The heavy metals content in honey in relation with quality of the environment

16.Gliga O., Certan C., Bulimaga Ctin., Nistreanu V., Grabco N. - Diversity and importance of flora and fauna in the Orhei urban ecosystem, Republic of Moldova

17.Arinton M. - The insect world - exotic insects - temporary exhibition

18.Ifrim C., Andrici L., Caradan L., Munteanu D., Andriev S. - Non-formal and informal ecological education in the Botanical garden Iasi - case study (I)

19.Paraschiv D., Ardei I. M. - Education and research through the museum the cultural - educational project „Eyes of the night“